Clothing & Textiles

Textiles and clothing have a significant environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. Over 2.5 million tonnes of textiles are consumed in the UK each year, more than 1.1 million tonnes of which are clothing. Our research shows that in 2010 alone, an estimated £234m-worth of textiles were sent to waste collection and landfill.

Oakdene Hollins has developed a leading position across Europe in sustainable textiles and works closely with industry and government to develop innovative, added-value applications for recycled textiles. We work with companies to develop systems to measure and improve environmental impact along the supply chain and over the product lifecycle; to increase the recovery of corporate and branded workwear; and offer advice on technical innovations such as fibre to fibre recycling.

Applying circular economy thinking in this sector can play an important role in reducing the environmental footprint of textiles and in realising the financial benefits of resource efficiency.



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