Sustainable Products & Services

We offer expertise in the following aspects of Sustainable Products:

Eco-labelling Systems

Eco-labelling has mushroomed in the last decade, attesting to the advantages the labels give to business in communicating sustainability claims to consumers and customers. However, not all eco-labels are the same. Our expertise is in establishing type 1 eco-labelling schemes, their management and the development of the sound evidence base necessary for criteria development. We can assist business groups in the development of new schemes.

Our management of the European Ecolabel in the UK, on behalf of Defra, has provided us with an excellent understanding of the governance arrangements for eco-labelling schemes and a deep technical understanding of the environmental hot-spots in the life cycle of many product groups ranging from electrical equipment to furniture and from paper to detergents.


Resource Efficiency

At Oakdene Hollins we recognise the complex challenges of supply chains, and the need to offer a joined up approach to sustainability, business efficiency and profitability.
With particular expertise in the retail, hospitality and food & drink manufacturing sectors, we work with clients to improve environmental and cost efficiency along the value chain in the following way:

  • We use Lean manufacturing techniques to prioritise issues, understand the root cause of problems and implement improvements;
  • We deliver workshops for training and awareness raising.
  • We provide specialist reports, for example on critical materials to identify material supply chain risks.

Our work results in practical implementation plans to deliver a reduced environmental footprint as well as cost savings.


Product Stewardship

The combination of circular economy demands and risks to brand reputations is driving an increase in the development of product stewardship programmes. The spectrum of products and materials encompasses jewellery to aluminium via paints.

Yet there are good and bad examples of stewardship. Working with Cranfield University in the UK we have investigated the rapid growth of product stewardship programmes around the world and have codified what excellent stewardship programmes look like. We can advise businesses on how to improve existing programmes so that they provide an independent source of information and a genuine platform for improved product sustainability and resource efficiency.