Introductory Presentations

We offer on-site introductory presentations to help potential clients understand how we work and to illustrate the benefits of applying circular economy thinking to their businesses, both in environmental and economic terms. There is no charge for these initial presentations and the subjects will change from time to time. If there is a topic you are particularly interested in, let us know.


Product Stewardship – a Typology

90 minutes including Q&A

Product stewardship is the particular interest of our MD, David Fitzsimons. Based on our work with Cranfield University, we explain why product stewardship is growing and its links with the circular economy. It includes a typology with examples of good and bad practices.


Resource Efficiency in Supply Chains

45 minutes including Q&A

Peter Lee works with many companies, across supply chains, to identify wasteful activities and to streamline processes, proving that making decisions with sustainability in mind can unlock valuable bottom line savings. With a focus on fresh produce, and in particular the meat supply chain, this presentation highlights the surprising sources of savings, including changes in “rules of thumb” and supply chain specifications. These are the difficult-to-find opportunities which offer large scale improvement possibilities.



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