Oakdene Hollins

Founded in 1994, Oakdene Hollins works with public and private sectors to embed sustainable practices which improve environmental impacts, business efficiency and profitability. Our strategic advice is backed by sound data analysis and a deep understanding of our clients' needs.

We field a team of PhD-level consultants with backgrounds in the environment, sustainability and industry. Our projects are often multi-disciplinary and complex and the culture of our organisation is designed to be collegiate and science based, providing objective evidence and advice to our clients. Our team's industry experience and collaborative approach enables them to deliver practical advice which translates into quantifiable benefits.

Oakdene Hollins is known as a leading analyst and developer of innovative approaches in value chain sustainability. In particular it is expert in circular economy approaches such as remanufacturing, where it operates the Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse, which is active in informing both DG GROW and the European Parliament on remanufacturing and related circular economy strategies.

We offer our services across a broad spectrum of business sectors. We are considered to be European experts in materials security: our EU Secretariat work for the European Innovation Partnership, for example, has directly involved us with issues such as resource efficiency and sustainable supply at a European policy level. Meanwhile, in the food, drink and hospitality industry, we apply the 'Lean' principles first championed by the automotive industry in supply chains to enable our clients to reap financial and environmental benefits, providing hotspot analysis along supply chains to enable them to target opportunities.

Our work to develop sustainable products and services includes running the UK delivery of the EU Ecolabel on behalf of Defra. We regularly perform life cycle assessments on a variety of products and have the capacity to perform detailed carbon footprints.

Whether you are investigating a business development idea or want to quantify the environmental credentials of your products and services - we can help.


Our commitment to sustainability

Oakdene Hollins contributes to sustainable development not only through advice and research, but also in the way we conduct our own business.

We are pleased to maintain our externally audited ISO 14001 certification, but - important though this has been in measuring and codifying our environmental imprints - environmental commitment at Oakdene Hollins is more than commitment to a single policy. Our directors provide leadership on the issue; for example, by investing in reused and remanufactured equipment. And, as our largest impacts are transport-related, we compile tables of CO2 emissions per employee and seek to identify less impactful methods of transport. We promote public transport by paying for discount cards for staff, and we provide and maintain bicycles for them.

Oakdene Hollins functions


"We assist our clients as they adopt new business models, more resource efficient products and services and investigate ways to meet their corporate sustainability goals"

David Fitzsimons
Managing Director


What our clients say:

"Oakdene Hollins provide us with B2B market research to support our business development. We need this to be independent, objective and thorough – I can recommend them."

Tim Young
Augean PLC

"We need persuasive and comprehensive arguments to demonstrate the value of investment in medium to long term research and training. Oakdene Hollins has enabled us to build our understanding and knowledge in the area."

Clive Hayter
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Green Economy

"The work was thorough, clearly presented and delivered on time throughout. The study was independently peer reviewed and the overall conclusions were that the work was 'excellent and very transparent' and 'robust, sound and scientific research'"

Contract Manager