The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has been developing a reference document on best environmental management practice in the food and beverage manufacturing sector. It describes best practices that food and beverage producers can implement to reduce their environmental impact, and has just been adopted by the European Commission.

The document covers the best practices applicable to most food and beverage manufacturers, such as carrying out an environmental assessment, sustainable supply chain management, environmental friendly cleaning operations, better energy efficiency, using renewable energies, optimising transport and distribution, refrigeration and freezing operations and avoiding food waste.

There are also specific best practices for nine sub-sectors: coffee processing; olive oil manufacture; soft drinks production; beer-making; meat products processing; fruit juice production; cheese-making; manufacture of bread, biscuits and cakes; and wine-making.

Oakdene Hollins is pleased to have contributed to the development of this comprehensive guidance document, which is available from the External Link below.


More detail on the development of the BEMP report is available from the JRC website

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