The European Commission has commissioned a study to support compliance promotion relating to the implementation of Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and, in particular, its Article 4 on product design.

In order to address the implementation of the product design requirement, related barriers and possible further steps, the case-study of printer cartridges has been selected.

A crucial part of the project is to collect comprehensive real-world information.  Oakdene Hollins (through its Centre for Remnaufacturing and Reuse) is conducting the study on behalf of the European Commission, and would appreciate and value your participation in this process to ensure the highest quality and validity of the findings.

Please respond by Friday 10th March.

If you are involved in remanufacturing printer cartridges, or are part of the supply chain for remanufacturing printer cartridges, please access the survey here.

If you are printer cartridge OEM, please access the survey here.

If you are not involved in printer cartridge remanufacturing, but would still like to contribute to the discussion (e.g. cartridge procurer, trade association, advocacy group, policy maker), please access the survey here.