The European Bedding Industries Association is holding its Annual Event on 29 & 30 September in Berlin under the topic Circular Economy and EPR schemes in the European Bedding Industry - challenge or opportunity?

At the event, EBIA members - six national associations representing hundreds of sleep product suppliers, plus around 40 associate members from foam to textiles, springs and other components or additives - will enjoy a mix of:

  • presentations around the topic (Life Cycle Assessment done by EUROPUR, "lessons learnt" from Eco-Mobilier [France] and the USA, feasibility of chemical recycling through catalytic pyrolysis) and
  • a panel of company representatives from most steps of the value chain (foam, springs, textiles, retail, transportation / collection, dismantling and mechanical recycling, the EU and possibly one or both representatives of the EPR scheme in France / the recycling systems in the USA).

On the back of our work for the National Bed Federation, Oakdene Hollins' David Fitzsimons has been invited in his capacity as an expert consultant on the recycling of end-of-life mattresses to moderate / facilitate some of the meetings on product stewardship and extended producer responsibility (EPR).

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