The European Commission has asked for a coordinated voice from the leaders of remanufacturing businesses and organisations in the form of the European Remanufacturing Council (ERC). The ERC will represent large and small organisations from the full range of remanufacturing product sectors. It will be set up as part of a two-year European Remanufacturing Network (ERN) project, an EU Horizon 2020 funded project.

The ERC will help European remanufacturers maintain global competitiveness by representing the industry's interests to EU policy makers and by carrying out common work that benefit all remanufacturers. The current, Horizon-2020 financed, ERN project is scoping out the shape and ambition of the ERC, with input from industry, sectoral trade associations, regional governments and NGOs.

From conversations with industry, we believe that the ERC should focus on EU policy-directed research and lobbying on Circular Economy themes of direct relevance to the remanufacturing sector, as well as on the promotion of the public procurement of remanufactured products at EU and Member State level.

We invite large and small companies involved in remanufacturing, along with relevant trade associations, to join the Council and help develop a strong voice for European remanufacturing.

Please contact Edward Sims for more information.


There will be no membership fee through to the end of the ERN project (January 2017), after which Oakdene Hollins proposes administering the Council in the first instance with the intention of charging membership fees to corporate members (with relevant sectoral trade associations joining on a gratis basis).


"The Commission welcomes the work being done on a Remanufacturing Council. There is a clear need to reap the potential of remanufacturing in support of the circular economy."  Kestutis Sadauskas, Director, DG ENV, European Commission


The European Remanufacturing Council


The council would be the focal point for remanufacturing dialogue in Europe, representing the industry to policy makers at-scale, rather than on a sector-by-sector basis. The ERC will provide opportunities to influence policy by communicating the cross-sector issues and challenges to be tackled and advocate for the support needed to promote the growth of remanufacturing. The present EU Circular Economy Package will be the focus for initial ERC policy-formulation and policy-dissemination/lobbying activity.

Initial Activities

  • Play leadership role in influencing EU policy.
  • Discuss issues of common interest (e.g. legislative barriers, standards, green public procurement, tax relief, communication of benefits).
  • Networking opportunities, in order for corporate members to stay informed of remanufacturing developments (e.g. Brussels policy briefing breakfasts with EU officials, an Annual Reception with MEPs in the European Parliament in Brussels, etc.)

Mid-term Activities

In time (and depending upon industry appetite), the ERC may include:

  • Subcommittees focusing on key issues (e.g. standards, policy & trade, marketing, research & development)
  • Collection of on-line tools and helpful resources
  • Portal to connect remanufacturers with partners, suppliers and finance/investors.