Raw Materials & Metals

Raw materials are the lifeblood of today's high-tech industry underpinning at least 30 million jobs in the EU. They are central to the growth of the low carbon economy and emerging technologies. The supply of these minerals and metals is increasingly under pressure as demand increases and as they are subject to challenges from price volatility, availability and geopolitical issues.

Oakdene Hollins has worked extensively in this field for over 15 years. Our groundbreaking studies include reports on the use of rare earth magnets in electric motors and drives, and on materials security for the Resource Efficiency Knowledge Transfer Network. Our work has expanded to projects with the International Study Groups, the European Commission and private companies such as Rio Tinto, and to the revision of the EU's Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) list. The authoritative research we provide informs decision-making processes for business and government. We are in a unique position to interpret risk for private companies and investors and to formulate a response to the issues of material security.



Clean energy for processing raw materials