Innovative Technologies & Materials

Developing and implementing new technologies is an essential component of enabling the Circular Economy and creating sustainable, resource efficient products and services. This theme provides the evidence base for supporting these activities.


Our expertise in this area allows us to provide impartial and expert analysis across areas such as Innovative Technologies, Green Chemistry, and Materials Security. We provide thorough and detailed analysis to inform strategic thinking and practice in businesses, and to improve the environmental performance of products and services. We offer training presentations on these topics. If you want to know more,  contact us here.


Innovative Technologies

Enabling technologies, such as nanotechnology and advanced materials, underpin innovation across all industrial sectors and are essential for supporting sustainable development and the Circular Economy. Our expertise across these technologies allows us to:

  • Identify opportunities for businesses to benefit from these technologies; for example, by identifying new feedstocks or product markets enabled by these technologies.
  • Advise organisations such as the European Commission, UK Government and OECD on innovation policy and funding priorities.


Green Chemistry and Biomaterials

Green chemistry focusses on minimising the hazardous substances associated with products and processes. Identifying where harmful substances are used is critical for organisations seeking to minimise impacts and therefore enhance their environmental credentials. We provide expertise, analysis and impartial assessment in this area, identifying and substantiating opportunities to reduce environmental impacts.

Biomaterials as alternatives to fossil fuel derived equivalents is a key aspect of green chemistry, providing potential for a sustainable and reliable supply of substances. We support this through analysis to understand where activity could have implications for resource management and economic growth.


Materials Security

Access to raw materials is of concern to Governments and businesses, due to growing resource nationalism, fluctuating demands, and increasing product complexity. Oakdene Hollins has been active in this area providing expert knowledge and understanding to clients, particularly in:

  • Identifying raw material bottlenecks for technology implementation, including studies such critical raw materials at an EU level, or for specific sectors such as energy and defence.
  • Analysing raw material markets, particularly small volume metals and by-products.
  • Advising on resource efficient measures to reduce reliance on primary suppliers and to increase material circularity.

Our work leads to practical guidance and advances to mitigate materials issues, and to benefits to environmental performance and the circular economy.