Chemicals & Materials

Chemicals and materials processes are central to the technological infrastructure, but bringing them to commercialisation has become increasingly challenging. Problems of global competition, resource scarcity, increased environmental and health sensitivity - and the whole life management of the products that incorporate them - make production of chemicals and materials a technically demanding affair.

Oakdene Hollins fields a team of consultants with backgrounds in applied chemistry, engineering and commercial application. We have experts in petrochemicals, fine chemicals, surface science, biomaterials, ceramics, supercritical processing, electrochemistry and rare earth elements.

Our team is experienced in collaborative R&D, modelling, life-cycle analysis, IP and licensing, investment analysis, piloting, commissioning, manufacturing operations, legislation and permitting, process optimisation and divestment. We are particularly strong in the area of green chemistry where we help these organisations innovate, evaluate and develop their products and processes.

Oakdene Hollins can assist you along the path from concept evaluation, through identifying and assembling the right resources, to develop materials and products, to commercialisation, to rigorous evaluation of the environmental and commercial benefits of your projects.


Chemical processing